Los Angeles Division Bringing local model railroaders together in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.  2013 NMRA Pacific Southwest Region LA Division Clubs Unless noted all photos by Bob Chaparro Angels Gate Hi-Railers (O) The club grew out of a search by members of the Valley Toy Train Club's "Tinplate Trackers" O-Gauge modular group for a site for a permanent layout and/or a site where modules could be set up on a long-term basis. After some letter writing and a little bargaining by the Tinplate Trackers with the L.A. Recreation and Parks Department, the Department agreed to let the group have a building. The layout is basically a large "out and back" complex oval consisting of a primary and secondary mainline- both supported by a seven-track staging yard. They also are supported by a small through yard about midway through the layout. There is about 1,200 feet of track, including the staging yard. The benchwork is complete with two operational mainline loops running with mountain branch line and harbor industrial sections. The primary mainline is designed for operation in either direction and is equipped with block signals. There are two scratch-built wooden trestles. An additional upper level was added in 2012, thus allowing for three main lines and up to twelve trains running at one time. Trains can run in conventional mode as well as Lionel TMCC, Legacy and MTH DCS. Website: home.earthlink.net/~mcjackson/angelsgate.htm Belmont Shore Model Railroad Club (N) Built in the second story of a former Army barracks, this layout measures 25 feet by 90 feet. The track plan features ten scale miles of double track from the city of Belmont to Bakersfield, plus a single track line to San Joaquin. Beyond San Joaquin a branch line is under construction to Carbondale, where it will interchange with a narrow gauge railroad. A notable feature of this track plan is that a train never passesthrough a scene more than once, except on the loop. Website: www.belmontshorerr.com Track Plan: http://www.belmontshorerr.com/layout.pdf East Valley Lines Club - East Valley Lines (N) The N scale East Valley Lines covers approximately 1,500 square feet and is undergoing a major rebuilding.  The layout is not currently operational (as of June 2013).  The original layout was completely removed and there is no scenery on the new layout. The layout is designed as a duel track walk around DC layout with no switching.  Switching is done on a point to point DCC single track inside the duel main line.  The intent is to have a freelance Southern California layout that has trains running for the public and switching operations that don't interfere with the DC track. Glendale Model Railroad Society - Verdugo Valley Lines (HO) The 25 foot x 40 foot HO scale Verdugo Valley Lines portrays 1950s Southern Pacific operations between downtown Los Angeles and Bakersfield. Intermediate stations represented are San Fernando, Saugus, Lancaster, Mojave and Caliente. Represented facilities include the Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal and supporting coach yards, roundhouse, diesel facilities, Taylor Yard, the Glendale Station and the City of Burbank. On the Verdugo Valley lines trains headed west originate on the right, leaving from Union Station, Taylor Yard or Glendale. En route to Bakersfield the will meet and pass eastbound trains by the means of sidings at intermediate stations. Between stations trains will often disappear into tunnels and on to hidden tracks, only to reappear later on the way to their destination. Bakersfield, the point of origin for eastbound trains is hidden under the mountains at the rear of the layout where there is a yard with holding tracks for trains awaiting departure. Regardless of direction, all trains traverse a replica of Southern Pacific's engineering marvel, the Tehachapi Loop.Trackage includes 400 feet of mainline, 90 feet of branch line, 120 feet of narrow gauge and 150 feet of trolley.  The four main yards have a capacity of over 300 cars.Today, improvements are continually being made during weekly work sessions, all in the interest of creating a better miniature railroad. Website: http://www.gmrrc.org/ Highland Park Society Of Railroad Engineers - Highland Pacific Railroad (HO) The Society has constructed a railroad empire with 3,500 feet of track in a 40' x 42' layout room.  The mainline is 1,200 feet long with additional trackage for industrial spurs, yards, etc.  Loosely based on the Western Pacific, the railroad travels through view breaks from a waist high seaport to six foot high majestic western mountain range.  Trains are operated in prototype fashion by Centralized Traffic Control Center, from five road cabs and ten yard panels.  Ninety percent of scenery is complete along with 100% of track.  Branch lines in progress include a lumber railroad, a narrow gauge ore hauler and future interurban line. Special effect lighting insures realism by adding daylight, dusk, nighttime and dawn. Website: http://highlandpacificrr.com/ Los Angeles Live Steamers (7½", 4¾", 3½") Founded in 1956, this group operates live steam trains for the general public.  The 7½" gauge railroad's main line is about 1½ miles long, and they also have extensive layouts for 4¾" and 3½" gauge model trains. The club has built and installed over 20,000 feet of track between all three gauges. In addition to the track, there is a 216' steel truss bridge, two turntables, 44 steaming bays for engine preparation and maintenance and two power hoists to raise and lower trains for storage or transit by car or truck. The LALS facility also features several preserved cabooses and passenger cars plus the Disney Barn.  This is the actual barn that was in Walt Disney's backyard in Holmby Hills, California. It was here that Walt, a member of LALS, had his workshop and ran the switches for his home railroad. The barn is open on the third Sunday of each month and features displays of Disney, LALS and railroad related memorabilia. Website: http://www.lals.org/ Los Angeles Model RR Society (HO/Hon3) - Great Lakes & Western Railroad LAMRS operates the 2,000 square foot standard gauge Great Lakes & Western Railroad and a Colorado based narrow gauge railroad.The layout features primarily western railroads, one of the largest HO scale oil refineries found on a club, a modern intermodal transfer facility similar to those at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, the Great Lakes ore ship Aurora and a large narrow gauge railroad.  There are three yards, logging and sawmill and point to point staging. CTC, DWC and ABS control are used in the club's standard gauge operations with full detection and signaling. The Colorado based narrow gauge runs over a third of the layout and is operated under time table and train order authority. Operations are conducted monthly. The club operates with DCC using radio and wi-fi controlled throttles. Club Website: http://www.lamrs.org/ Pasadena Model Railroad Club - Sierra Pacific Lines (HO) The Pasadena Model Railroad Club operates the Sierra Pacific Lines. This is one of the largest HO scale operating model railroads in the world, covering almost 5,000 square feet. The railroad has over 30,000 feet of hand-laid steel rail. The 1,700 foot single to quad track mainline has ten cabs for operating up to ten trains with up to 60 cars long each. At normal speeds and traffic conditions takes a train about an hour to traverse the mainline. The three principal yards handle a total of approximately 2,000 cars. Yard panels throughout the railroad allow for operation of another fifteen to twenty trains. Additionally, there are 300 feet of traction for trolley and Pacific Electric Railway enthusiasts. In addition to the ten cab operators, two dispatchers and trainmaster, the railroad requires about thirty more operators to fully staff the yard, branch line, and industry controls. The Sierra Pacific Lines operates trains from all eras. Breathtaking scenery, operating semaphore signals, and theatrical lighting all combine to make this a great model railroading experience. Website: http://www.pmrrc.org/ Slim Gauge Guild - Colorado & Sierra Railroad (Sn3) D&RG, RGS (HOn3) This club operates two beautifully detailed layouts located in a 2,000 square foot base- ment. The HOn3 layout is based on the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad and the Rio Grande Southern in roughly the 1920 to 1949 time period. On this layout members tend to model specific prototype scenes. The 1900-era Sn3 layout is more freelanced. Members tend to model scenes as they see fit. They loosely model the Colorado and Southern for the mainline and northern California lumber companies for the highline. Website: http://www.slimgaugeguild.com/ Group 160 N Scale Group160 was started in Burbank CA by a group of modelers interested in N-Trak railroading. The group decided to use a modified version of the N-Trak standard that allowed for the third or “Blue” line to be set back from the other main lines. Website: https://www.facebook.com/Group-160-N-Scale-139340112576/ To enlarge a photo click on it then to reduce it click on it again All photos courtesy of Angels Gate Hi-Railers Photos courtesy of Flash Blackman, John Totten and Randy Dyer. All photos courtesy of Los Angeles Live Steamers Photos below courtesy of Randy Dyer Photos below courtesy of Rick Duncan Photos below courtesy of Pasadena Model RR Club Photos below courtesy of the Slim Gauge Guild